Sunday, January 8, 2012

D:Sign - Ric Stott

searching and new openings... hopes for new year

Spending some time praying and searching how my prayer picture could speak to variety of people - becoming much more aware the pain in people and their allergy to anything with church, religion... how to let my heart to be more open, to pray more and to grow in faith, grow in ministry, in listening to God's call? I heard so many inspiring words and I know this is my journey, I cannot copy anyone else... Inspiration is for me an invitation, an openint... I would like this new year 2012 to be the year of new openings. I would like to be open to God in new ways, grow deeper, grow in faith, grow in trust... there is so much to learn and live... Few friends asked us recently what are our hopes for new year... so many words can be said and so often words are just not enough... my prayer continues to be prayer for openess - openess to growth, healing, openess to God's love.  Messy Church yesterday was wonderful experience of God's presence - what happens when people are inspired and creative... Earlier today I decided to start one more blog - about creativity ... will see what happens. Aim of that new blog would be to use my drawings and paintings and other creative media to let them speak - and maybe to speak to more people... I pray for God's wisdom and healing. I pray for peace and love.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ric Stott - interview

I just watched this interview with Ric and found it very inspiring... reminded me of recent conversation with friends on New Year day...

and Ric's blog is at