Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fish and creativity ?

While ago I found website that I found inspiring, however I felt a bit sorry for the fish....  we really would not be trying this installation in reality !

KIng's Daughter's prayers 26th - 27th February 2011

My Psalm W4T

Psalm created during Worship 4 Today session in February

Prayers 15th April 2011

I was able to have some longer time for prayer and painting....
I was praying for Liz and Helen and their families, and listening to several worship songs while painting, singing, praying....

Listening and painting and praying these pictures with Brenton Brown's song Adoration...

and after that painting and praying while listening to Matt Redman's
song  Blessed be Your name

And after that praying and listening to Brian Doerksen's song Today... this song is very special to me, as we were listening to it with Pete in the hospital, when I was giving birth to Daniela 6 and half years ago and I nearly died....

And listening and praying with Brian Doerksen's song Merciful God....

And I felt really overwhelmed by God's love...  I was not able to paint or sing anymore... words, pictures, songs were just unable to express what I was feeling and what God has been doing...  I was just kneeling before Him in adoration and crying ...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Prayer

Let us pray
That we may see the way of the cross
And the way beyond it.
Help us, Lord,
To follow where you walk,
To stop where you stumble,
To grieve where you die,
To dance where you rise again,
Knowing that this is the only way.
There is no other way.

Evening prayer from The Iona Community

Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Prayer stations at St Paul's Church

Prayer stations for Holy Week in our church are ready.... I really enjoyed setting stations up today and praying there...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Prayer stations

I am praying and preparing prayer stations for Holy Week for our church.

Have done prayer painting and now looking for inspiration on the internet.... I will put few links here and I know that probably I will prepare something different... I just want to be open to God and to listen... and to understand. so much has been happening. it was good to be able to spend this morning in prayer and painting - thanks to my husband Pete who took out daughter for Home Educating Maths forum and enabled me to have some time on my own with God....

so some web inspiration for prayer stations 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kings Daughter and The Inner Voice of Love connections and reflections

Worship 4 Today link group this morning was very  helpful... I came with too  many questions, with my head spinning around and it was so good to be able to come and listen to God. I brought 2 chapters from my very favourite Henry Nouwen's book The Inner Voice of Love and we read it and read bible reading and had some time for reflection and prayer... I did this picture...

The picture was - and is for me searching the place of stillness, coming to the cross, coming as I am and bringing together those many, many questions and struggles... it was such a blessing to be able to talk and pray and share with my link group people.... to hear from one another and to pray together...  and of course this picture was just one part of the journey...

later today, after visiting Wilderness Exhibition I drew this one and its King's Daugher coming back again... she just keeps returning :)

King's Daugher is for me the journey of continuing discovery of who I am, as me, before God... it is part of my journey, questions, passion in my heart
 to find the way for women to come together and share this exploring of connections between being woman and spirituality, identity of woman, using creativity... I just still can't put in words easily, but tried to share this with few other women and I trust this is something about God's call... its not about excluding men, its about deepening of who I am, who we are without our roles and jobs.... coming to the inner voice of love... where is our heart, connecting with our heart and connecting with God - in new ways, creative ways... receiving God's love in new ways and then to be able to go and give that love to others.... connecting with God in worship, prayer, creativity, spirituality.... complexity embraced and transformed in simplicity that is not over simple... trusting and walking in faith... women of faith....