Monday, December 7, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Faith, hope and love

Late last night I was busy thinking and writing my online application for some further university studies. Writing about my life, work and study experience made me to reflect on many things. I kept praying and asking God many questions. Some of the questions had lots of Why in them... Why my life is so complex at times... Why things are not more clear and straight forward... Why we keep facing so many insecurities that can drag us down.... Why I am ill and not able to work....Why I don't have regular, secure work post to return to.... 

In the middle of all those Why's I prayed and asked God to take me and lead me, lead me in, lead me through, lead me forward, lead me through unknown, lead me with Him - to walk upon the waters...  Hillsong song I heard for the first time few weeks ago visiting one church brought me - and keeps bringing to me powerful message... There is so much uknown, yes, there are so many Whys and not many clear and straight forward answers.... But I am not alone. When I get up and go, I find out that Jesus has been already there, my journey is not a lonely one. Life is still complex and complicated. But with Jesus I can walk upon the waters.

Here is my prayer painting from the last night:

Story of Addison's and creativity

On my new blog I share my journey of art, creativity and learning to live with life long Addison's autoimmune Disease (Primary Adrenalin Insufficiency). It is very rare disease and I wish to raise awareness of this ilness. If people are aware of symptoms, they would be able to request assessment rather sooner then later. It was nearly too late for me. I am so thankful to be alive.

I am so thankful to be member of two very helpful self help support groups for people with Addison's. The first group and lots of very helpful information is at

And the other group is a Facebook group, administrated from US. 

Few weeks ago I was invited by US founder of Addison's Facebook group to share my story and art in newly prepared e-book of stories, poems and artwork of people with Addison's Disease from all over the world.

I share the story I wrote for the book on my Addison's and creativity blog. Here is the link: