Wednesday, December 13, 2017

inspiration - Inauguration service S8 Mission Partnership

completing painting inspired by Bishop's Pete sermon at Inauguration service for S8 Mission Partnership tonight

Video - Advent and Christmas resources Diocese of Sheffield

Trish Stafford prepared video of creative resources from artwork from our Diocese of Sheffield Creative Worship group.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sunday 10th December

On Sunday 10th December 2017 I was very encouraged by the sermon at St Peters Greenhill. 

Here is my prayer painting that I began during the service, while listening and praying.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

Intensive Interaction inspiration

I have been praying and thinking about many questions - many why and where and what... asking God for guidance and direction ... And today God has been sending me inspiration from several directions, reminding me what really really matters, despite me feeling so weak and fragile, finding me in wilderness and shining his Love on each step...

Intensive Interaction is great inspiration for me as it is about precious time of connection with fellow humans who might be often forgotten because of their different abilities to communicate... people with PMLD profound and multiple learning disabilities...

Through Intensive Interaction I experience amazing and deep connection with people with PMLD and for me thats very deep and spiritual, living God's presence in precious moments of the daily life...

Today I painted picture inspired by writing of excellent leading Intensive Interaction practitioner Graham Firth from Leeds.

New inspiration

Today I have found great inspiration and encouragement reading Tanya Marlow's story and blog

I am now following Tanya on Facebook and Twitter and will read her. I have different invisible illness, Addisons Disease - Primary Adrenalin Insufficiency, diagnosed 2 years ago... I keep learning how to apply Spoon Theory and I am learning to adjust to this different lifestyle of carefully counting spoons....And I paint my prayers, my questions, sometimes I write....I trust God. I have been walking through a bit of wilderness and Tanya's words about Gold and Thorns greatly encouraged and inspired me.

Monday, May 1, 2017


I paint and pray and listen


Paintings - tribute to Donna Williams

Yesterday I was painting a lot, praying and thinking as I heard about the death of someone whom I never met in person, but was inspired by her videos and books.... Donna Williams. 

Over the past months I followed Donna's Facebook page and her posts about her cancer. 
Here are paintings I painted yesterday as Thank you for Donna's life and her inspration
and my Good Bye to her.


Prayers 30th April - King's Daughter

Yesterday at St Peters, during the time of prayers, listening to God and waiting for direction I began to paint this prayer picture. But I was not able to complete painting during service as I needed to stop and be completely quiet and open myself to God. And words came back to me about King's Daughter journey, about prayer and creativity and about identity of woman of God, King's Daughter... and strong sense of God calling me back and calling me to invite on this journey other women - to explore creativity and worship and prayer.... I am praying and asking for guidance about the next steps on this journey...

Sermon 30 th April 2017

Very inspiring sermon at St Peters Greenhill. Here is my prayer painting that I painted while listening and praying:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Way of the Cross at St Peter's Greenhill - Holy Week 2017

Way of the Cross at St Peter's Greenhill - Holy Week 2017


paintings inspired by sermons at St Peters Greenhill

Since January I was not able to come to Sunday service every week, so painted only few prayer pictures during the services I was able to join. Here are the paintings:


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sermon 8th January 2017

Very encouraging first sermon of new St Peter's vicar Ned. 
Here is my prayer painting that I began while listening to the sermon. I finished painting at home, praying and listening to God.


18th December 2016

Here is my prayer picture painted while lessoning Shauna preaching on 18th December 2016 at St Peter's.