Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspiration - Mary Fleeson

I was so happy to receive in post today Mary Fleeson's Multicoloured Prayers books, that I plan to use during service tomorrow. It would be the first time for me to lead the group during the family service and I hope that Mary's artwork would be inspiration for people. I still need to do some more work get everything ready and I hope and I pray that what I say would be clear... 

I feel so passionate about creativity in worship and I would love to find the way of sharing this with people. Two prayer days during the Autumn were the beginning of that journey in our parish for me, and now it would be the first time to actually lead the small (or bigger? I have no idea how many people will choose to come) in creative worship...I have also other activities prepared, collage and some free painting, drawing for people who are interested. I am not sure yet, whether I will bring any my prayer artwork there as inspiration as well, but will pray about it....

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  1. The group today had 15 people and we were exploring how to creatively express the message form John, wedding in Cane... we used collage, free drawings, free paintings, and coloring Mary's images and also colouring of my black and white images... I will try to get some more detailed feedback, to be able to evaluate what was good, what was not and what and how to improve by the next session... it was so good to be able to be creative in church together with others! I really enjoyed it!