Friday, October 28, 2011

Prayer journey - Go and trust

Prayer journey today.... 

prayer journey after evening that was quite difficult, emotional storms, flying chair and nearly broken glass on the door and TV just missed by the flying chair, as our daugher was unhappy about things... tensions growing and exploding and then finally time of peace and love and reconciliation... and then me being busy, late evening trying to catch up on  my work and feeling like I was not managing much... my head was spinning around and everything just felt too much... read on Facebook post of another Mum struggling with her child with AS having difficult evening and felt I could not find words of encouragment I would love to send her... I God stopped me - suddently I saw A3 sketch book under the pile of books and found oil pastels and started to draw prayers... prayers for that Mum and her son, for our family, for all the people I know are struggling and looking for hope... I did not have words of prayer, but I just opened my heart and opened myself to drawing... and drawings just kept flowing... and the last drawing on that journey last night came with words GO AND TRUST.... I would love to share this and this is my prayer for you all - that you may go and trust - trust in God who is so much greater than our human thoughs, expectations, human fears, trust in God, in His love and wisdom.... May God bless you and guide you and may your hearts rest in His loving arms!

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  1. Oh Jana thank you God bless you Sarah xxxxxx